The "Full-Time" Life

It has been a while since I have posted on here, mostly because life becomes instantly busy during graduation and the early months of job hunting. However I am pleased to say that the first few months post-graduation were extremely successful for me!

I graduated with Honors in early May, and it was an extremely rewarding

experience. I felt like I truly had accomplished everything I needed to accomplish throughout my four years to become successful in my field. From internships, to work opportunities, and shooting "Facets of Haiti," I had gained so much experience that I was ready to take into the real world.

Throughout my senior year I had been freelancing with the NBC affiliate in Portland, Maine working in their newsroom. I really enjoyed this job but I always had my eye on the control room. As my senior year was winding down, I was given the opportunity to make the transition to production by working as a full-time fill in camera operator! I was ecstatic at the chance, and accepted. I really didn't know what I was getting into.

As a fill in, I worked where I was needed, often transitioning between morning and night shifts. Some days I was up at 2 AM to begin work at 4 AM, and other days I slept until noon so I could work 3 PM- midnight. I loved the job, the hours not so much. But I understood you had to start from the bottom in order to climb up that ladder of success.

working the steady cam for a music shoot

My job was a mixture of camera operator and floor director. I set up the studio for the broadcasts, adjusted the cameras as needed throughout the show, and cued the talent. I loved what I was doing but the hours were draining. I was also working full-time hours without the full-time benefits. But I hoped my hard work during that first summer would pay off.

And it sure did.

We had a guest visitor on set!

In September, a job in production opened up unexpectedly and I was quickly offered the position! A production assistant job on the night shift. Finally! A full-time job, in the career path I wanted, with benefits, working steady hours....what more could I ask for!

My responsibilities as camera operator stayed the same, but I also learned how to operate the steady camera, a contraption that makes me look like a ghostbuster or someone from outer space.

I also was trained in audio, responsible for riding the faders for talent's microphones, packages, and music.

view from the audio room

Most recently I began learning the ropes of Master Control. For someone who doesn't know, the MC operator is the person responsible for our station staying on the air. They make sure every show airing throughout the next 24 hours times out properly so everything starts and ends on time. They edit commercials and insert them into the day's playlist so they can air. They also directly community with NBC's Master Control to keep the shows running smoothly. IT'S HARD, and carries a lot of responsibility. I still have a long way to go in training for that particular job, but I am ready to learn.

Testing out the director's board

Finally, we have recently begun to train in the job of directing. The director of a broadcast sits behind all the screens and pushed the buttons to make certain cameras, graphics, and lower thirds air at the appropriate time. This is the job I am most eager to learn and can't wait to delve deeper into that training.


So overall, SO FAR SO GOOD!

Working in the field for the first time

I have learned a lot in the short time I have been a full-time worker, and I am enjoying the consistent schedule with benefits. I feel as though all my hard work throughout college has successfully paid off and I am in the dream job I could have right out of school.

But since I plan to stay at this job a while, I have been a little "stuck" in my planning. Internships always had an end and so I was constantly looking for the next project. But since I am in a job that I love right now I am not looking for the next step in my career just yet, but instead I am looking for the next step in my life.

What could that next step be?

Stay tuned.

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