Wedding Videos!

This past summer I had the opportunity to shoot two weddings for friends! Although these were not the first wedding videos I had done before, they were the first ones I was getting paid to do, so I was both nervous and excited! Each couple wanted a different style of wedding video, so I got a lot of experience in different aspects of shooting a wedding.

I am so happy with how these videos turned out, and I learned a lot along the way. I am so grateful for my friend Megan, who shot the first wedding with me, and to Ralph for getting me the best camera I could have asked for for my graduation! I don't think the videos would have turned out this well without that camera!


The first wedding I shot with my friend Megan, so we had two people and three cameras set up. We shot the full wedding and reception for the couple, and I provided a fun highlight video for them as well.

Jimmy and Rachel Highlight Video

Wedding Coverage Reception Coverage


Nolan and Kathleen wanted a more edited style of wedding video, compared to the full coverage. I had fun with these videos because I was able to tell more of a story of their wedding day. For this couple, I created a highlight video and a wedding video! Once again, I am really happy with how these videos turned out and I had a great time shooting them and meeting new people!

Nolan and Kathleen Highlight Video

Wedding Video

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