First Freelance Job

My goal for 2017 is to breakout in the freelancing world and start to get paid for the work that I love to do.

I am excited to announce that I have accepted a role working with the non-profit organization, The African Community Center of Lowell(ACCL), as their web and graphic designer.

This past fall I was put in touch with Gordon Halm, a community leader with the idea to launch an organization to help new immigrants and refugee families find resources around them in the city of Lowell, as well as keep them in touch with their cultural roots, and find proper educational and lifestyle advice.

Having grown up in the city of Lowell, I knew this was definitely an organization that I would love to be a part of, and excited to be given my first freelance opportunity, I quickly accepted the role as the web designer.

As the designer, I created color scheme that brands the organization. I chose the bright colors as they most accurately represented the African countries which the ACCL represents. I also created the word logo, as the logo with the country of Africa was provided to me through Gordon.

Throughout my fall semester, I became much more proficient in the Adobe Suite, including Illustrator and InDesign, and felt comfortable offering my graphic design services to the ACCL as well. Since the organization was a start-up they would need all the basic of business marketing, and since I had already created the brand, Gordon thought I would be perfect for the job.

As the graphic designer, I created business cards, a brochure, letterhead, as well as the new word logo, as well as the website. I will also be heading any future design projects the ACCL needs.

On January 7, the African Community Center of Lowell launched its new website to the public, and we have gotten nothing but positive reviews. Because of the success of the website thus far, and how pleased Gordon was with my graphics, he has hired me to continue working with the ACCL as their graphic designer, and I will be in charge of all future design projects for the organization.

I am very excited to start my career with this organization and I can't wait to see what else the future will hold for me this year!

To learn more about the African Community Center of Lowell click here


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