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With the Fall season finally coming to an end, I have finally been able to update you all on the graphic design projects I have been working on this semester thus far.

As one of the more experienced intern in our Sports Information Department this year, I was assigned the task of creating the fall posters for each team. In the past these posters had been created by students studying graphic design, and I always wanted to learn how they were made. This year, I got my chance. I found this to be a very difficult and tedious task, but also very rewarding. Using Photoshop, I created a poster for each team with the season schedule and the standout players for each team! I am very excited about how these projects came out and I know that I am only going to have to step up my game when creating the winter season posters.

My second big project this semester was editing the Student Athlete Visit Day Introduction Video. This video is played for all the prospect students and their families on a tour day specifically for recruits. Myself and three other interns were assigned various teams to get footage of, but ultimately it was my job to put it all together.

For anyone that knows me, the hardest task for me is finding the right song to put in the background of my video. Although many people may think the music can be an afterthought, it is vital to edit to the beats in order to create a compelling video. After a week of song searching, I finally settled on one and the editing could begin. Despite having to sort through about a hundred clips, I am very proud about how this video turned out. I hope all the future Monks find it compelling enough to choose Saint Joe's Athletics!

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